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Care as a key concept in urban studies

El 19 y 20 de octubre tendrá lugar el primer seminario de la Urban Studies Foundation Seminar Series,  “Care as a key concept in urban studies”, organizado por el Cider y el Georg-Simmel Centre for Metropolitan Studies, Humboldt Universitat Berlin. El evento abrirá con una conferencia virtual abierta a cargo del profesor Gautam Bahn, y tendrá luego sesiones cerradas del equipo de trabajo.

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Operationalising Social Protection in the Global South

Drawing on a set of empirical cases collectively produced by researchers at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore, this lecture turns to a specific part of any urban social contract: the design and operation of social protection systems. Within this, it argues that operational modes of delivering social protection need specific attention within scholarly debates, especially in their complexities within the spatial and economic informality that marks cities of the global south. Put simply: how we deliver both existing and new entitlements is as important as deciding what entitlements urban residents should be entitled to. These have a particular impact on women in informal employment, especially in India, where the empirical cases of the talk will draw from. I offer four main operational concerns that mark the delivery of social protection to informal workers in urban India: (a) residence as an operational barrier; (b) workplaces as sites of delivery; (c) working with worker organisations as delivery infrastructures; and (d) building systems of recognition and registration of informal workers.

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Care as a key concept in contemporary urban studies